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Signaleeg - A practical tool for EEG signal data mining

Version 1


The goal of this project is to provide tools that enable EEG data modeling in an easy and clear way. This project has been migrated from SVN in June 2020.


This software requires Matlab 2019a or higher. Recommended installation is to simply run the toolbox installation file.


You can use the graphical interface or the code functions.

Graphical interface usage

In order to use the graphical interface just write Signaleeg on Matlab Console.

Code functions usage

You may found example usages of the code functions on the test units folder.


This project has been developed by the eXiT research group from the University of Girona, Campus Mon-tilivi, building EPS4, 17071 Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Contact email:

The researchers implied on this project are:


This project is licensed under the BSD-4-Clause License modified by Commons-Clause-1.0. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.